Minutes Summer Term 2017

Minutes - Eco Club and Wildlife Club joint meeting - Wed 24th May        

Attended by:

Jensen, Joshua, Olivia, Elsie, James K, Reece, Thomas, Flynn, Inzi, Rubi, Clark, Sophie, Nell, James H and Mr. MacBean

What’s going well:

  1. The pond is looking good now that it has been cleared. We have been looking at the wildlife. We have caught lots of Newts and Frogs.

  2. There is less rubbish around the school grounds. We have had people to pick up rubbish. Children are better at using the bins. We do still get rubbish that is blown onto our school grounds.

  3. Seagulls are not getting at the little compost bins so much. (We have seen them knocking them over to get them open though.)

  4. We have been using the wooded area and the roundhouse area for our learning and to play in.

  5. We had a very good turnout in the Big Pedal, coming fourth in the Dorset Area. Year 3 and 4 had some great “Bike Skills” sessions with Rachel from Sustrans.

Things to do:

  1. We have a “Bike It Breakfast” arranged for 12th June.

  2. Order some better nets for pond-dipping. Our nets don’t have long enough handles

  3. The Hall Lights keep getting left on. We need to have monitors to check this. We need more “Naughty, naughty, you’ve been caught” posters (for when lights are left on).

  4. Organise a new rota for “Litter Pickers”.

  5. We should use the Bike Shed in the playground more efficiently. Make poster to remind people.