Curriculum Policy

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The school aims for the development of the whole child. By this we mean the development of the child academically, socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually and morally, to achieve the highest standards for each individual.

This will be attained by setting the highest expectations and by providing a broad and vibrant curriculum. The basics of literacy, speaking and listening, numeracy and computer skills are given a high priority. We also believe in the vital importance of a curriculum which is enjoyable, interesting, fun and genuinely engages the attention of young children.

We want all our children to develop positive attitudes to learning, as well as to improve their skills and increase their knowledge.

Since children learn in different ways the school will adopt a wide variety of teaching and learning styles and organisational strategies to suit the purpose of different activities.

Our mission is to start children on the road to becoming:

  • keen and willing learners
  • fluent readers with a love of books
  • expressive and accurate writers, able to communicate for a variety of different purposes
  • clear and correct speakers of English
  • mathematicians with the basic skills, knowledge and strategies to solve problems
  • curious scientists full of wonder about the world
  • confident users of computers
  • lovers of music
  • participants in physical activity, stretched to their individual limits with opportunities to compete against others
  • innovative and creative designers and artists, able to handle a wide range of materials
  • responsible citizens with an awareness of other people, places and beliefs, now and in the past.

Our responsibility is to meet the special needs of all children, including the very able.

We take great pride in the large number of children achieving well above expected levels of attainment in national tests.