Home School Agreement


This document embeds values and expectations shared by all DASP schools. It is the outcome of

consultations involving school children and adults in the DASP community. Whilst is recognises

differences which exist between schools in the pyramid it sets out guidelines which are consistent

in all DASP schools


The School will try to provide:

¨ A safe, caring, disciplined and stimulating and happy environment in which learning is fun

¨ a curriculum that inspires us all to learn!

¨ Teaching and support which will enable all children to do the very best they can

¨ Teachers and staff who respect children and parents and show this in all aspects of their


¨ Regular information about your child’s progress and behaviour

¨ Information about the broad and balanced curriculum provided and the “Class Charter”,

outlining Rights and Responsibilities of every child.

¨ A positive welcome and a genuine response to parental concerns

¨ Home learning appropriate to the age of your child, including through safe online learning



As parents we will try to:

¨ Make sure our child arrives at school on time (between 8.45 and 9.00am)

¨ Ensure our child attends school regularly

¨ Support the school in reinforcing its expectations for behaviour

¨ Share with the school any concerns or problems

¨ Attend consultation evenings, etc.

¨ Support our child’s development in ways we feel to be most appropriate

¨ Read regularly with my child

¨ Supervise my child’s Internet access


As a pupil I will try to:

¨ Follow my class’s agreed Class Charter at all times

¨ Try to be as good a DASP citizen as I can:

• caring

• considerate

• co-operative

• confident

• conscientious

• communicative

• courteous


Please remember that this is an important agreement which is at the heart of an effective

relationship between home and school. The well being and progress made by children depends on

its principles being FULLY SUPPORTED.