National Campaign

Send My Friend to School is a nationwide campaign that the Dorchester Area School Partnership (DASP) have been supporting for a couple of years. As part of a DASP school, the Children's Voice at The Prince of Wales regularly attends Student Voice meetings where we discuss how we will support this campaign to get all children in school.
In 2015 Mrs. Thorpe took our Rights Respecting Ambassadors to The Houses of Parliment to meet our local MP Oliver Letwin. We delivered over 2,000 world leaders with messages explaining what we think world leaders should do to enable children in poorer countries to attend school. The DASP student voice was the largest school partnership involved in this campaign and we even feature in the 2016 promotional video.
In 2016 the Children's Voice designed and made backpacks showing all of the things they would miss about school if they could no longer attend. They had to deliver a two-minute speech on why school is so important and also pose a question to our MP Oliver Letwin.