Our Eco-Code

We will not turn on the lights unless it is necessary and we will turn off the lights when we leave the room.

We will make sure we turn off the taps when we have finished washing our hands and we will use the toilets sensibly.

We will make sure we put all organic waste into the compost bins.

We will put paper in the paper-recycling bins.

We will recycle plastic and cardboard.

We will walk or cycle to school if it is possible for us to do so and if our parents are happy for us to do so.

We will try to eat all of our dinner.

We will only bring “healthy snacks” to school.

We will look after all of the wildlife (plants and animals) that share the school grounds with us.

We all have a responsibility to learn about the lives of people from other parts of the World. We must respect them and to try to support them charitably if we can in times of hardship. They are all our neighbours.

 Prince of Wales School Eco-Team